You can’t follow the money trail and feel that your investment was a victim of wrongdoing by your partners. In this situation, we can help you attempt to achieve a successful outcome. Why choose us?

Accountants are supposed to be able to follow the money, and we’ve been practicing this art for 30 plus years. With a strong foundation in auditing and accounting, our team will be able to help you recoup some of your investment if wrongdoing has occurred. We will become the financial detectives, isolating problems swiftly, minimizing the potential damage to your business and investment. We will provide testimony in court, drawing on accounting, auditing, tax and financial expertise.

Overseas Investment

As businesses become more internationally focused, they encounter different cultures and other unpredictable elements that can hinder their success. Our vast network enables us to cost effectively check on clients’ investments and perform due diligence tests in Europe and the Middle East.

What do we offer?

• Appraisal of financial losses resulting from fraud

• Preparation of expert opinions and second opinions

• Assisting solicitors in the financial aspects of cases

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