Wise CPA Group, in its over 30 years of business, understands clients and their needs. Our rich history enabled us to build a substantial individual tax practice thanks to the expertise and experience of our CPA’s. We work with individuals residing domestically and internationally and offer the following services:

1.. Prepare individual’s federal and state tax returns

2. Prepare individual’s income tax projections, if needed

3. Expertise and experience with clients worldwide in the area of foreign compliance rules that are impacting more and more people and where the IRS penalties are material

4. Consult and prepare nonresident aliens tax returns whom are doing business in the States

5. Assist U.S. citizens/residents on their filing requirements of investing (real estate and other) in other foreign countries

6. Keep our clients up-to-date on the most recent tax laws

7. Apply for an Individual Tax Identification Number, “ITIN”

We prepare the following forms:

• 1040 – Individual return for US citizens

• 1040NR – Individual return for non-resident aliens

• 1041 – Estate and Trust tax returns

• 706/709- Estate and Gift tax returns

• W-9 – US citizens opening a bank or brokerage account

• W-8BEN – Nonresident aliens claiming tax treaty benefits

• W-7 – Application for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

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