For U.S. tax purposes nonresident aliens are individuals that are non U.S. citizens and/or residents, but have income form sources effectively connected to the U.S. or could be married to a U.S. citizen/resident. If you are a nonresident alien planning on or currently doing business in the States, or maintains investment accounts in the States, a filing obligation can present itself come year end time. From setting up the tax structure to issuing K-1’s,

Wise CPA Group assists nonresident aliens with their U.S tax compliance needs. If you’re a nonresident alien married to a U.S. citizen/resident, and make the special election to be included on your spouse’s return, from that point forward your nonresident alien spouse is taxed as a U.S. citizen/resident and all the disclosure forms a U.S. citizen/resident is required file, if needed, must be filed for the nonresident alien spouse as well. However, you can elect to revoke the election by filing the necessary paperwork to remove your spouse from this filing requirement. If you were issued a green card when living in the States and have since moved abroad and the green card expired, you are still taxed as a U.S. resident unless certain paperwork is filed. If you find yourself in any of these situations please contact a Wise CPA Group representative to you with you filings.

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