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Wise CPA Group provides a range of services to its clients beginning from simple bookkeeping to preparing complex international tax returns. If you need a technical memorandum written or a nexus study performed one of Wise CPA Group’s seasoned CPA’s will be able to assist you.

We provide the following services:

• Organize and/or Incorporate entities in desired States

• Apply for an EIN • Monthly Bookkeeping

• Prepare compilations reports

• Prepare, if needed, quarterly/annual Financial Statements and Balance Sheets

• Payroll Tax Preparation • Prepare Annual 1099’s for Independent Contractors paid $600 or more • Sales Tax Return Preparation

• Individual Tax Return Preparation

• U.S. Nonresident Tax Return Preparation

• Apply for an “ITIN” (W7)

• Gift Tax Return Preparation

• Corporate Tax Return Preparation

• Prepare, if needed separately, U.S. forms 5471, 5472, 8865, 8858, 8621, 8886, and 926

• Partnership Tax Return Preparation

• Estate Tax Return Preparation

• Organize and/or Incorporate a U.S. Tax Exempt Entity (501(c)3)

• Non-Profit Tax Return Preparation

• Prepare all 50 State Tax Filings

• Representation before Federal & State taxing authorities

• Submit “FBAR”

• Forensic Accounting

• Consulting

• U.S. Tax Outsourcing Solutions

• Offers in Compromise (IRS and State Taxing Authorities Tax Settlement) Contact Us